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Secrets in Curse of Monkey Island

Quit it, dammit!
Wonder why they didn't use this animation at the Rollercoaster of Death for the infamous Wally swing... (discovered by Andrew Langley)


Accordion from Hell
Unheard music in CMI spotted! The Carnival of the Damned block contains five musical cues, of which at least one has never been heard - the 5th. Nasty dog barking, and a beautifully ugly accordion.

Down by the Waterside
There are two cues called Waterside on the first disk of CMI. Waterside2 is the welknown cue heard when first talking to Murray. But Waterside1? All I can say is that it's a nice version of the LeChuck theme. Please note, though, that this cue does feature in the game - if you look out the cannon hole before having destroyed the skeleton army boats (discovered and corrected by Andrew Langley)

Off to Blood Island!
Lots of people don't seem to recognize this one either... It's called "To Blood" - cue no. 2300 in musdisk2.bun (discovered by Andrew Langley and Pasquale Dattilo).

You Shouldn't Have Come Back, Guybrush
Ah... In these times of Star Wars fans going berserk, isn't it nice to know that light sabers exist in the Carribean? Try listening to these sounds found on Rottingham's Ship (the image is just there to set the mood - discovered by Andrew Langley)

Also, found at the same place are the two signs shown below... Does all this indicate an undiscovered easter egg?

Sword Fighting
Listen: 1 2 3 4 5


Destroy Him!

No Such Thing as Safe Driving on Blood Island...
This interesting sample was found at the Blood Island Mill (image is there just to set the mood).

Blood Island Mill

Now this is real art!
We all knew he had it in him, didn't we? The images below are all original CMI art done by Jonathan Ackley. CMI background artists, eat your hearts out! (discovered by Andrew Langley)

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