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SCUMM file format specifications and documentation

The Really Useful SCUMM etc. Info File
Maniac Mansion .lfl-files
Additional .lfl info
AKOS format
Preliminary SAN documentation
Monkey Island 1 & 2 costume format
Monkey Island 2 costume format
Monkey Island 2 SCUMM opcodes
SCUMM index files
.bun file format
.lab file format
EMI .lab file format
EMI .til file format
GF/EMI .laf fonts file format
EMI mesh specs

(download file)

The new LAB file format

This format is used in Escape from Monkey Island (at least in the demo).

I still haven't figured out where the original filenames are stored, if they are stored at all.

The scheme is pretty simple: At the beginning of the LAB archive is a header, after that the  directory with the entries for each file and after that the data.

The LAB header looks like this (where a long is 4 bytes wide and unsigned):

Field		Type		Description
id		long		LucasArts Bundle ID ("LABN")
version		long		File revision number (assumption)
files		long		number of files in bundle
a		long		unknown (some offset)
b		long		unknown (also some offset)

A file entry looks like this:

Field		Type		Description
ofs		long		some offset (to the filename?)
offset		long		file offset
size		long		filesize
u		long		unknown (seems to be always 0)

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