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SCUMM file format specifications and documentation

The Really Useful SCUMM etc. Info File
Maniac Mansion .lfl-files
Additional .lfl info
AKOS format
Preliminary SAN documentation
Monkey Island 1 & 2 costume format
Monkey Island 2 costume format
Monkey Island 2 SCUMM opcodes
SCUMM index files
.bun file format
.lab file format
EMI .lab file format
EMI .til file format
GF/EMI .laf fonts file format
EMI mesh specs

(download file)

Grim Fandango data format specs v1.0
(c) 1999 by John Doe
for comments or critics send e-mail to

0. How to get the files
Get my LAB file extractor or better use another one to extract 
the files you want out of the LAB bundles.

1. The LAF font files
!! This spec is still buggy !!

First, there's the font header:

size		description
4 bytes		number of chars in file
4 bytes		size of char data
4 bytes		max width of char
4 bytes		max height of char
8 bytes		some unknown bytes (2*long)
4 bytes		first char in font
4 bytes		last char in font

After that, a 512 bytes big table follows with 256 word entries.
This seems to be there for looking up each char's "real" char number 
(i.e. char 'A' (dec. 65) may not neccessarily be at entry no. 65)

The next record is repeated for each character:

size		description
4 bytes		offset of char data in file relative to charInfo start 
		(i.e. it's zero for the first character)
1 byte		see below
1 byte		yet pretty unknown, maybe baseline definition or something
2 bytes		unknown
4 bytes		width of char
4 bytes		height of char

To read the font data, seek to the real file offset 
(real_offset=16*256+512+32+the_character's_offset) and read char_width*char_height bytes.
The font image is stored top to bottom, left to right. A zero byte means "don't put anything", 0xFF means put a byte in the color you want.



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